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Lawrence Hearing Aid Center Offers Repairs, Purchase, Screening, Testing and Much More


Carlsbad, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2015 -- There are many people in the world who suffer from hearing difficulties and due to their impairment, they suffer in their daily lives. Some people even feel embarrassed about their hearing impairment. For readers that are facing the same problem in their lives today, know that there is help. Lawrence Hearing Aid Center is the friendliest and most knowledgeable hearing aid center in San Diego. Chris Lawrence, the owner and operator has 25 years hearing industry experience with 15 years of building and repairing all makes and models of hearing devices. With the help of Chris and his team, customers will regain confidence with their hearing in just a matter of days.

The services offered at the hearing aid center are diverse and comprehensive. For customers who have a broken hearing aid that makes hearing harder instead of easier, just bring it in to the center and it will get a check-up and fixed to become as good as new. For people who are looking to purchase a new hearing aid, the team will help them figure out what type of hearing aid is best for them. For clients who want a customized hearing solution there are a variety of hearing aid technologies and styles to choose from. The latest technology and innovations are all available at the center.

The staff is professional and courteous. Their main goal is to make sure that people who suffer from hearing impairment regain hearing and more important their confidence. The best thing about the center is that they offer affordable yet high quality hearing solutions to the hearing impaired. They know exactly what people need when they visit the hearing aid center. Apart from hearing devices, counselling and support is also provided at the center.

Visit to learn more about Lawrence Hearing Aid Center and all the services they offer. Customers can call or email to setup appointments.

About Chris Lawrence
Chris Lawrence, Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist began his career 25 years ago building hearing aids for an industry-leading manufacturer. He quickly showed an aptitude for the work and was promoted through the company to not only run specialty production lines, but also to manage all makes and models repair department. His 15 years working in manufacturing included the training of Audiologists and Dispensers in the programming and repair of all types of hearing instruments. Chris has also run several hundred stores for an industry leading company, but he missed working directly with the hearing impaired. Come meet Chris and remember what customer first service is like. Family owned and operated.

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Chris Lawrence
Lawrence Hearing Aid Center
2777 Jefferson Street, suite 101
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