Lawrence Sintered Metals, Inc.

Lawrence Sintered Metals, Inc. Shares the Advantages of Sintered Wire Mesh

Los Angeles-based Company Supplying Sintered Wire Mesh Explains Both the Processes Behind and Benefits of Sintering


City of Industry, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2016 -- Lawrence Sintered Metals, twenty year veterans, have long been proponents of sintering and the numerous benefits it continues to have for users across many industries and applications. Sintering is a process that improves the characteristics of woven wire mesh by joining together all the contact points of all the wires together to create a mesh whose wires are firmly fused in place. Using a combination of heat and pressure makes this possible and the result is a single layer sintered wire mesh.

Sintered wire mesh products solve a few different problems. Regular wire mesh tends to fray at the edges when cut into pieces or discs and, as a result, wires fall off and migrate downstream where loose wires can cause failure in a filter system. Since Lawrence Sintered Metals' single layer sintered wire mesh has wires that are fused together at all contact points, the possibility of wires coming loose and causing failures is eliminated.

Lawrence Sintered Metals' multi-layer sintered wire mesh laminates, on the other hand, solve the problem of using fine filter meshes in high pressure applications. Usually, fine filter meshes are very flimsy and will blow out or rip in high pressure applications whereas Lawrence Sintered Metals' multi-layer sintered wire mesh laminates combine the filtration capabilities of a fine mesh along with the strength, rigidity, and thickness of the stronger support layers.

The layers generally used in Lawrence Sintered Metals' laminates consist of 316L stainless steel wire mesh, but special alloys such as Hastelloy®, Monel®, Inconel®, Alloy 20 etc. can be incorporated as well. Standard size is a 2'x4' or 4'x4' sheet, but different size discs, tubes, larger sheets and cones can be fabricated.

"Our experience has lead us to fine-tune our products and enables us to recommend what would work best for each one of our client's specific applications," shared current Sales Manager Eddie Zhou. "It has also brought us to offer many custom products as we know that no two customers are alike and each one has special needs."

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About Lawrence Sintered Metals
Lawrence Sintered Metals is a manufacturer and distributor of wire mesh, wire cloth, and sintered wire mesh located near Los Angeles in Southern California. Their strategic location allows them to offer fast service to local customers, as well as to customers all over the country and the world. Lawrence Sintered Metals' customer base spans from small local businesses to international corporations including everyone from their local fabrication shop to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between.