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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- Lawsuit funding is a unique lending proposition to help plaintiffs pay the cost of a lawsuit by getting funding from appropriate sources. A lawsuit is the last thing to get caught into because the financial repercussions of such an event can turn out to be disastrous. And, for those who operate on a fixed income, the suit can prove to be a major setback for professional and personal growth. To help individuals cope with these costs and get their life back on track, the company USA Lawsuit Loans, Inc. has come to the rescue.

The other lawsuit funding companies which exist in the market today charge exorbitant interest rates to compensate the heavy company operating costs. In the end, the plaintiff suffers because he finds himself in a catch. On one hand, the lawsuit expenditure remains pending and on the other hand, the person has to make other arrangements to make sure the lawsuit funding fees are paid on time. So, instead of breathing a sigh of relief to have found the funding, the person is yet again pushed back into the vicious circle.

USA Lawsuit Loans, Inc. is completely different and so because the company believes with all honesty that the customer needs should be taken care of without putting the person under any additional pressure. And, this is not a mere belief but one that is followed by action. The company charges no hidden fee, no processing fee and a low interest rate as low as 1% on the funding provided. As a result, the person getting the funds can benefit from the inflow of cash and not make additional arrangements of repaying the amount borrowed.

Also, the company has some of the fastest processing times in the market. Those in need of money to fulfill the needs to fight a lawsuit can expect the money in their banks in 24 hours. There is also no borrowing limit on the amount needed and no embarrassing credit checks. The borrower gets what he wants with minimum hassle, enhanced convenience and a personal guarantee of quick funds. To know more log onto

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