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Lawsuit Loans Fundings Now Charges 1% for Pre Settlement Funding

The company is charging pre settlement funding as low as 1%. They are offering low cost cash advance to help plaintiffs receive financial and economic stability.

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Hamilton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2014 -- Lawsuit Loans Fundings, the lawsuit pre settlement funding company recently updated their website with information on their charges. The company is charging for lawsuit funding settled cases as low as 1%. They are providing plaintiffs with a very low cost cash advance to help them.

According to Gene Cavalli, CEO of Lawsuit Loans Fundings, their cash advance programs for pre settlement loans are non-recourse. They will charge money only when the customer win or the case settles. He says, “We offer cash advance at a very low cost. With pre settlement charges as low as 1%, One should not worry much about the charges. Gain financial and economic stability with our support and we will collect money only when Their case settles.”

He also informs that obtaining a lawsuit loan is fast and easy with their company. They have representatives who check every application and review them fast. The company is providing legal funding in fast and easy way. Their cash advance program is available for pending or settled breach of contract cases, automobile accidents, patent protection, personal injury cases, nursing home malpractice and many more.

A spokesperson of the company says, “We understand that people with pending cases are already going through certain turmoil. We do not want to add up to their woes by charging high cost for our legal finance programs. That is why we kept pre settlement funding as low as 1% to help our clients.

The company has streamlined the entire process of funding in a fast and simple manner. They provide lawsuit loan check within 24 hours for clients in all the states of the US.

“I got the money quickly and paid off my expenses before the landlord was able to evict me. Thanks to everyone!” says Franklyn ,Milwaukee, WI.

The company also provides best deal guarantee. Their website informs that they will pay $400 if any other company offers a lower rate than what they are offering.

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A group of experienced professionals founded Lawsuit Loans Fundings, a nationwide legal funding company. They provide cash advances to meet their clients’ expenses whether they have pending or settled cases of personal injury, breach of contract, patent protection, automobile accidents, and more. For further details, visit the company’s website at

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