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Lawsuit Loans Online Opens Lawsuit Funding for Slip and Fall Cases


Hamilton Township, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2014 -- People engaged in slip and fall cases and are having financial problems no longer have to worry. According to Lawsuit Loans Online, they now provide settlement loans to victims of injuries and other bodily damages caused by such. Every single day, there are people who are slipping and falling in and around the US and are severely getting hurt due to several causes.

According to, some of the most common areas where people experience this are in ramps, stairs, doorways, ladders and more. However, most of them go unnoticed, especially if the person only acquires minor damages. Others do not get the compensation that they are supposedly asking for. Most business establishments who could possibly be responsible for such do not admit that their poor facilities caused the accident. Victims are left with slight injuries and some do not have enough money to get medication.

Lawsuit Loans Online says that these instances motivate them to help these victims by giving them a settlement loan. This, in one way or another, give them the financial help that they need to get through their case, while they recover from the accident that they experienced. Based on reports, Lawsuit Loans Online do not run background and credit checks when providing lawsuit funding for their clients. They also claim that their 1 percent interest rate on their settlement loans are the lowest and are ideal, especially for slip and fall victims who are financially incapable.

Based on the figures indicated on the website of, 15 percent of the total number of accidental deaths in the US is due to slipping and falling. They also said that for every accident, the defendant, if the case is won, must pay a minimum of $22,800. Lawsuit Loans Online encourages their future clients to declare amounts that are near the standard price. If they are uncertain, they must consult with their attorneys for the case assessment.

The also says that slipping and falling are the leading reasons for the accidents that take place in places such as restaurants and hotels. Just in North America, there are already more than 540,000 major bodily damages that are caused by this accident. Lawsuit Loans Online is trying to lessen the number of people who are financially suffering by making it more convenient for its clients to get a settlement loan.

As said by Lawsuit Loans Online, they are dedicated to offering fast and convenient processing of lawsuit funding to different kinds of cases from all over the US. They also claim to be providing risk-free transactions by not letting their clients pay for any amount for their loan if they do not win their case.

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