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Settlement Funding Now Provided to US-Based Identity Theft Lawsuits


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- With the growing number of identity theft cases in the United States, Pre-Settlement Funding Loans now offers their settlement funding services to the people who are experiencing such kind of intolerable crime. Based on the information released by, the biggest number of identity fraud cases can be found in the different financial institutions in the US. Almost 20 percent of the consumers today only find out that they are already getting victimized by identity thieves when they see their financial statements.

Settlement loans can now be availed by any victim of identity fraud in any of the states in the US just by visiting Pre-Settlement Funding Loans. While the plaintiffs’ lawsuits are still in the process of getting assessed, they may already get the financial aid that they can use to pay for their bills though Pre-Settlement Funding Loans’ lawsuit settlement funding services. As what this company says, their transactions for lawsuit settlement loans are free from any type of risk. This means that if they do not win their case, they will not be obliged to pay for their loan.

According to, every year, an average of over 11.5 million people experience identity fraud in the US. Most of the cases, 60 percent of the total number of reports, suffer this type of crime, while other people make use of their credit cards. Furthermore, the survey conducted on June 2013 says that 35 percent of them experience this through their other bank accounts and 14.2 percent goes to the people who get their personal information stolen. In addition, households which earn more than $75,000 are the most common targets.

Pre-Settlement Funding Loans says that they exist to give these people the temporary financial support that can help them lessen their debts and expenses brought about by this type of crime. Their settlement funding services, as indicated on their website, aim to assist people in finding their way to their financial freedom. Pre-Settlement Funding Loans also says that they provide 24 hours approval to applicants eligible for their lawsuit settlement funding.

Just in 2012, the Bureau of Statistics Justice has already released figures published on saying that there were already around 16.6 million residents in the US who have been victims of identity fraud. Today, the number of people who are suffering from this is continually rising. According to, the incident rates of identity fraud have been unstable from the year 2005 to 2011. However, the highest incident rate belongs to 2009. Arizona is also the US state that has the most number of identity fraud reports, while South Dakota has the lowest.

People seeking for a company who can provide them settlement loans for identity fraud lawsuits, Pre-Settlement Funding Loans invites them to visit their website at One may also call them and discuss one's concerns with them by dialing 1-800-918-2310. For any questions or suggestions regarding their lawsuit settlement loans, one may send them an e-mail to or just go to their office located at 201 East Eighty-Seventh Street New York, New York.

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