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Divorce is an uncomfortable situation at the best of times, and downright untenable at the worst. Discussing which parent should have physical custody of the children is a hot topic that can bring out the worst in anyone. The following will offer some insight about the necessity of hiring a lawyer for child custody concerns or trying to work them out amicably without one.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2012 -- If there is heated debate about who will have custody of the children in a divorce, the best thing to do is to hire a lawyer for child custody. Doing so will ensure that one has every piece of documentation one will need to show cause for obtaining custody. It is also wise to hire a lawyer because he or she will have specific training about the laws that govern the state one resides in. An attorney will understand the guidelines a judge might use to determine which parent will be better able to provide for the welfare of the child. Being familiar with the statutes, rules, and regulations of child custody in one’s state is very wise; however, a lawyer will be trained in them and will be able to work within them to win custody of the child for his client. Needs a Lawyer for Child Custody Issues , Send Request for More Info

When choosing a lawyer for a child custody hearing, there are several things one must do. Begin by asking other parents how they won custody of their children and which attorney, if any, they used to help them do so. Write down names of prospective law firms and lawyers. Really research them in order to make a good choice. Use an online referral service that can help one meet the kind of attorneys one can be comfortable with and in whom a client can feel confident. Check out the local and state bar associations. While neither of these can recommend a specific lawyer for child custody, they have lists of attorneys in good standing, which can help narrow one’s search.

Most reputable child custody lawyers have websites that detail their experience with this type of law. Look into the law firm’s associates and paralegals to know who else will be working on one’s case. Check into how much the firm or lawyer charges for services, if possible, and know that higher fees do not necessarily translate into better representation. Set up a consultation with the lawyer chosen to “get a feel for” him or her. The best advice pertaining to child custody lawyers is if they make any promises to win one’s case, don’t hire them!

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