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It’s hard for low income people or families to get necessary support in legal issues. The big lawyers want high paying clients. The good news is that there as many low income groups and services to fit the number of high cost court cases for low income groups.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- For low income individuals facing charges, courts will provide different types of lawyers: Legal Aid, Public Defenders, and Public Servants. Legal aid is not available to disputants. For those using legal aid, income must be proven to the court. Public defenders don’t charge fees. Legal Yogi can help defendants determine which of these will be provided and the necessary steps in return.

Legal Yogi offer’s help finding legal services to fit special needs:

- Services Provided By Government
- Organizations Who Take Specific Cases
- For Legal Advice Only

Services Provided By The Government

A non-profit organization called the Legal Services Corporation, established by the US, provides legal services to low income families in (only) civil disputes. Many of the million cases they take never enter court. A lot of disputes are resolved through advice; letters, emails, or phone calls. Legal Yogi offers information on how specific cases might be taken and the steps required with the LSO.

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Organizations That Take Specific Cases

The nearest law school may provide help through a clinic. These clinics provide services to low income families while educating their students. The school should be contacted to find out if the case fits the purposes of the clinic. Individuals will work with students but will be overseen by either an attorney or professor. Legal Yogi can elaborate on the student clinic process and the various clinics that might suit a individual’s purposes.

For serious issues with themes of special interest, families may find success at certain non-profit organizations. These organizations take care of problems that affect families everywhere and pertain to their particular political causes or interests. The ACLU focuses on constitutional and civil rights cases. Legal Yogi can help families determine where their case may qualify.

For Legal Advice Only

Many families only need legal advice. Fortunately, they can narrow their search. Most lawyers offer free initial consultations. Low income families can bring all of their questions to consultation, even if there is no further representation. This is a good way to learn about the system firsthand before taking action to file or be represented. An attorney may like the case enough to take it pro bono or for a lesser charge.

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