LayerOnline Launches Cheap Domain Discounts to Interested Site Owners


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2012 -- LayerOnline, a leading web hosting provider offering cheap domain discounts offered its services to its customers in September including .PRO, .ASIA, .MOBI and .CA. The overall goal of the site is to ensure that people can enjoy authentic domains which are not priced higher than the usual.

"We are offering cheap domains to many customers because of the consistent increase in the demand for such domain extensions. The overall objective is to ensure that interested individuals can take advantage of building their site despite of the available resources they have in their pocket", the owner of the site said.

The service offered by the site is in response to some reports that many future site owners find it hard to actualize their intention because of the expensive domains offered by other domain registrars. The prices offered are .pro $2.99 ($34.95 value), .asia $2.49 ($29.95) .mobi $7.99 ($19.95), .ca $6.99 ($19.95), .org $4.95 ($14.95), .us $6.49 ($14.95), .es $5.49 ($14.95) and .de $4.99 ($14.95). Every business niche is highly competitive. LayerOnline is making it easy for business owners to top the competition when they have their own domain.

The owner of LayerOnline also added that the site will continuously supply cheap domains to interested customers especially those from Toronto, Ontario and from the other parts of the world. Expect that the site will continue to provide cheap domain discounts for the next 3-4 years.

LayerOnline’s unique selling point is that this provides authentic domains, but at the same time does not require its customers to invest too much money in availing the offer.

The site has been in the service for years. That is why its credibility is no longer a question. By simply reading some reviews in the internet, you will find so many positive comments about the services of the company.

Because of the constant complains of many future site owners who are looking for the best ways to start up their corporate site, the owner of LayerOnline finally decided to start offering cheap domain discounts. This is to give way to those people who want to target online market niches.

As of now, LayerOnline is the leading provider of cheap domain discounts. The web hosting company also offers high quality web hosting services to their customers. The components of the offer from the company are Cloud Hosting, Instant Activation, True Domain Ownership, Typo-Free Protection, 24 hour Unconditional Money Back Guarantee, 24/7 Professional and Friendly Support and many more.

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LayerOnline is a leading web hosting provider offering web hosting services and domain registration for business and individual website owners.

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