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LayerOnline Web Hosting to Offer NTP DDOS Protection to Its Website Hosting Services


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2014 -- Most people are aware of NTP amplification attacks that have been done over the past few years. NTP mainly stands for Network Time Protocol, which makes it an essential UNIX service. Due to the many NTP amplifications attacks which have occurred recently, LayerOnline is now offering NTP DDOS to all their customers. The best part about this is that the website is providing the exclusive standard service for free, which makes it all the more better for everyone. The NTP DDOS protection is necessary for all websites since it tends to offer high end security from any kind of NTP amplification attacks that have become rather common these days. The best example of such attacks was when MeetUp was brought down, destroying quite a lot of precious time and creating trouble for the website. NTP amplifications attacks must be avoided at all costs since these tend to take an entire website down within a short period of time. A lot of important data can be lost and businesses are likely to offer from these attacks on a large scale, which is why acquiring the NTP DDOS protection from has become mandatory in the long run.

For individuals who are interested in acquiring NTP DDOS protection for websites should also know that also provides high end DNS DDOS protection for the utmost convenience of all their users. Ranked amongst the sites that offer the best Web Hosting services, LayerOnline has managed to run successfully over quite a lot of years till now. DNS amplification attacks can also be evaded for good after acquiring the exceptional DNS DDOS protection offered by the site. Since these standard services have no charges at all, they are to be attained through the website for good. These protections against both NTP and DNS amplifications attacks are highly recommended to all those who wish to see improved performance in the long run. With the most exclusive Web Hosting, LayerOnline basically tends to use AnyCast DNS nameservers to stop DNS amplification attacks at all times. The positive user reviews and testimonials regarding the website and its services can be found on the vast medium of internet easily; proving that it is completely legit and has top notch services to offer in both the short and the long run. also offers SS cloud web hosting services, the best domain services and top security for customers from all across the world.

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