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LaZerCad's 360 Technology and It's Special Ops Team

LaZerCad is a company which uses its 360 technology to give high resolution demonstration of a property. They also have their own Special Ops Team that excels in securing valuable data and information from any site.


Battle Green, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2013 -- LaZerCad provides 360 photographs in high resolution and As Built documentation to facility teams and architects in the field of retail, grocery, banking and restaurants. Having more than 20 years of experience and employing more than 500 experienced and knowledgeable survey teams, it delivers accurate and precise building information with virtual 360 photographs to clients across the U.S, U.K, Canada, Asia and Europe.

It incorporates 360 Photographic Survey as part of the As Built plans which gives architects, vendors and facility managers a unique 360 degree photographic window to any property throughout the world only by sitting in front of their desktop. The imagination doesn't get limited as one can get access to any properties across a city, a state or a country worldwide. One can easily get a look of the carpet, furniture, millwork or d├ęcor. Or if anyone is interested in getting on top of the roof of a building to inspect a mechanical unit or checking out parking requirements of a particular property, all is possible with the help of LaZer2Cloud technology.

Each client programs receives a dedicated team from us, who are highly trained to become the ears and eyes of the client. The team is equipped with 360 and Laser technology to draw and measure the property in real time on-site.

The QA teams based in U.S and U.K uses the high resolution 360 images to check and verify each room in every floor of every building before deploying the asbuilt survey with LaZer2Cloud. Once it gets stored in the cloud, the client's entire team from different departments such as Facilities, Marketing, vendors and Architects can get access to the property in 360 degree mode, 24*7 from their desktop. With this, the era of sending of large emails containing photographs and drawings is over. One only needs to their log-in details or web-link to the client or vendor, so that they can gain access to such documents right from their desktop.

Currently, LaZerCad's teams are working on projects on national survey programs, special buildings, and other such asbuilt projects.

The Special Ops Team of LaZerCad, with over 20 years of experience in securing data collection, is easily one of the best special ops teams in the world right now. They cover areas such as Prisons, Air Bases, Murder Scenes, Bank Vaults and Police Stations. The technology that they use allows them to carefully measure, draw precisely and deploy 360 photographs the client's secure server before leaving the site. As the deployment protocols and data collection methods of the team are very much secured, not a single data or evidence leaves the site without their permission.


About LaZerCad
LaZerCad provides a one-stop solution of providing accurate 360 degree high resolution photographs to various teams in the retail, banking, restaurants and grocery sector. Its technology enables one to get access to any property worldwide right from their desktop.

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