Lazy Olympics Is All Set to Host Its Biggest Sporting Event

The Lazy Olympics is going to be held for those who always wanted to compete in sports but could never dedicate enough time to do so. This event aims at bringing together people from all walks of life who love sports and want to participate in the event.


South Lake Tahoe, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/25/2014 -- The Lazy Olympics is a decathlon that encourages adult people of all ages, gender and athletic ability to come and compete with each other in a friendly atmosphere. It was started to foster healthy competition amongst people who love sports and want to take part in fun events. Lazy Olympics is a combination of different field events where participants can showcase their talent in their chosen field. The points system will then calculate the most points earned by an individual combined and declare the winner. The event includes fun games like bowling, shuffleboard, diving, dart competition and Billiards.

The Lazy Olympics event includes everyone and encourages adults to participate in the event irrespective of their age, sex or experience in sports. It is a decathlon that promotes team building and healthy competition at the same time. Corporate and businesses can participate to strengthen the bond amongst their workforce. Unlike its name, there is no laziness involved in the preparation for this event as all games are tough enough to make the teams sweat. One needs to be in good shape and enthusiastic to win in these events. It was started to include all those who always wanted to take up a sport but could not. Each event will test the team’s will power and strength against other teams.

Lazy Olympics is all about bringing people together, building relationships amongst teams and testing one’s own talent in the sport. Everyone has a chance to win in this event. Often used as a team building exercise, Lazy Olympics is a perfect way for businesses and corporations to bring employees of different departments together and compete with each other in a friendly way.

About Lazy Olympics
Founded by Gary Harmon, the Lazy Olympics wants people to explore their potential and enjoy a spirited time competing with their co-workers or friends. The event is sponsored by companies that believe in promoting healthy and fair competition in sports.

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