LC/MS & GC/MS Ruling out Other Methods in Food Toxin Testing

Food Toxins are majorly detected by Chromatography, says RNCOS.


Noida, UP -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- The increase in the food trade across the nations is increasing the scope for wider spread of food contaminants. With the rising contamination in the food items, the food safety concerns are booming. Food contaminants like pathogens, pesticides, toxins, GMO, and certain other unwanted particles are creating a threat to consumer health, leading from mild allergy to fatal effects. According to a new report by RNCOS “Global Food Safety Testing Market Outlook 2018”, natural food toxins are posing threat to human health and hence are occupying a fair share in global food contaminant testing market.

According to our report, food toxins are chemicals that are naturally produced by living organisms. These are not harmful to the organisms themselves but may be toxic to other creatures, including humans, when eaten. Regardless of measures taken by regulators and food producers to protect consumers from natural food toxins, consumption of small levels of these materials is unavoidable. The countries across the globe mostly prefer GC-MS and LC-MS (Gas/liquid chromatography-Mass spectrometry) for detecting food toxins. In chromatography, the difference in the chemical properties among molecules in a mixture promotes separation of the molecules. On the other hand, mass spectrometer captures, ionizes, accelerates, deflects, and detects the ionized molecules separately using their mass-to-charge ratio. Owing to the high specificity and global acceptance of the method, GC-MS and LC-MS is dominating the methods for food toxin testing.

The report “Global Food Safety Testing Market Outlook 2018”, thoroughly analyzes the food safety testing market in the world. It entails detailed forecasts of the global food safety testing market till 2018. Further, it segments the global food safety testing market into market by contaminants and other key markets. The food safety testing market of contaminants (pathogen, pesticides, toxins and GMO) for 2018 has been forecasted. Further, the future share for testing of contaminants by various methods has also been provided. Moreover, the key markets segment provides market forecasts till 2018 for countries like Europe, US and China, with a brief overview about the developments in remaining markets. The report also sheds light on the drivers and food safety regulations in key countries. It also incorporates a detailed competitive landscape covering the business overview, key financials and recent developments of major players in the industry.

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