Le Petit Organic

Le Petit Organic Launches Full Line of Trendy Organic Kids Clothing

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Valley Stream, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- Le Petit Organic is carving out a niche in the children's fashion world by combining a collection of designers, who are both stylish and eco-conscious, creating a one-stop shop for parents looking to dress their young ones in unique and eco-friendly clothing. The brands that Le Petit Organic carries are cool and one of a kind, including Shampoodle, Moi-Kidz, Zuzii, Mini Rodin, Nico Nico, Kidscase, Imps & Elfs, Petitbo, Indikidual, Mini and Maximus and Joyfolie.

All of the items available on the company's website, LePetitOrganic.com, are made with organic fibers such as cotton, bamboo and linen, all sourced from farms that employ sustainable farming practices. Clothing made from commercially produced non-organic fibers and synthetic fabrics often contain toxins introduced during the manufacturing process that can lead to skin irritation, especially in young children with sensitive skin.

"More and more people are making conscious decisions about the food and drink that goes into their body, and now we're seeing that trend over to what people put on their body as well," says Sanjay Smith, owner of Le Petit Organic. "Parents don't want to dress their children in clothing that may harbor toxins and are looking for alternatives such as the organic clothing we offer."

Smith is quick to point out that just because the brands we carry bear the "eco-friendly" label, they're not devoid of style. "Eco-friendly and fashionable can co-exist! The styles of boys and girls clothing we carry are selected from unique brands that are trendy, fashionable and eco-friendly at the same time. Our selection is constantly changing with new styles and designs added seasonally."

In addition to clothing for boys and girls from infant to youngster, Le Petit Organic also carries fashionable accessories that include shoes, socks and tights, hats and scarves to complement each outfit.

To see the entire collection of eco-friendly, organic clothing available, visit the company's website at http://www.lepetitorganic.com/ and sign up for their mailing list where new subscribers can receive 10-percent off their first order.