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Lead Based Paint Guide Publishes Lead Based Paint Rules and Regulations Summary

Lead Based Paint Guide is an online resource that aims to give people readily accessible and easily comprehensible information on the proper and improper management of lead paint via an updated guide.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- Lead paint has been used for more than two thousand years, and industrially over the last hundred years in excess. It had many advantages, as lead speeds up drying, increases durability, resists moisture and keeps a fresh appearance for longer than normal paint, especially in difficult conditions. However, lead paint is toxic, and can cause damage to the nervous system and kidneys, as well as stunted growth and delayed cognitive development in children. To understand the proper and improper management of lead paint in a modern context, Lead Based Paint Guide was launched to provide people with an easy to follow guide.

The website includes information on the Lead Disclosure Rule and plays host to a lead based paint disclosure form for those using it in appropriate contexts, while also expanding upon the Housing and Urban Development Act and it’s guidelines for controlling the use of lead based paint in housing.

The site also has information on EPA Lead Regulations, including the Renovation, Repair and Paint (RRP) Rule, and state by state regulations, as well as recent news articles on action taken against violators, lead poisoning awareness videos and information on how to renovate and repair properties that have previously been painted with lead based paint.

A spokesperson for Lead Based Paint Guide explained, “Our mission is to draw attention to the hazards associated with lead-based paint and give people the tools to deal with it safely and appropriately. Much of the problem with lead paint is caused by lead dust released by improper sanding, scraping or removal of the lead paint, so we provide advice and guidance and links to further resources to help people manage it. We equally give people clear instruction on the law so that if they feel they have been victim to a violation of that law, they can feel confident in presenting this information to their attorney to pursue a claim.”

About Lead Based Paint Guide
Lead Based Paint Guide is designed as a plain English, accessible briefing on the current legislation surrounding the management of lead paint and the consequences of improper handling. It aims to provide a resource center so those affected by lead paint hazards can understand what constitutes misuse and where a claim may be justified. For more information please visit: