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Leaders in Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence Would Like to Announce the Third Volume of Their BioMedical E-Book Series A: E-Books on Cardiovascular Diseases

LPBI Announces New ebook available now on Amazon! Volume Three: Etiologies of Cardiovascular Diseases – Epigenetics, Genetics and Genomics


Newtown, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2016 -- Leaders in Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence would like to announce the Third volume of their BioMedical E-Book Series A: e-Books on Cardiovascular Diseases.

Volume Three: Etiologies of Cardiovascular Diseases – Epigenetics, Genetics and Genomics which is now available on Amazon Kindle at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B018PNHJ84.

This e-Book is a comprehensive review of recent Original Research on Cardiovascular Diseases: Causes, Risks and Management and related opportunities for Targeted Therapy written by Experts, Authors and Writers. The results of Original Research are gaining value added for the e-Reader by the Methodology of Curation. The e-Book's articles have been published on the Open Access Online Scientific Journal, since April 2012.

This e-Book includes a thorough evaluation of a rich source of research literature on the genomic influences, which may have variable strength in the biological causation of atherosclerosis, microvascular disease, plaque formation, not necessarily having expressing, except in a multivariable context that includes the environment, dietary factors, level of emotional stress, sleep habits, and the daily activities of living for affected individuals. The potential of genomics is carried in the DNA, copied to RNA, and this is most well studied in the micro RNAs (miRNA). The miRNA has been explored for the appearance in the circulation of specific miRNAs that might be associated with myocyte or endothelial cell injury, and they are also being used as targets for therapeutics by the creation of silencing RNAs (siRNA). We invite e-Readers to write an Article Reviews on Amazon for this e-Book on Amazon.

All forthcoming BioMed e-Book Titles can be viewed at: http://pharmaceuticalintelligence.com/biomed-e-books/

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Analyzing and sharing the vast and rapidly expanding volume of scientific knowledge has never been so crucial to innovation in the medical field. WE are addressing need of overcoming this scientific information overload by:

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This curation offers better organization and visibility to the critical information useful for the next innovations in academic, clinical, and industrial research by providing these hybrid networks.