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Vengel Consulting Group Offers Newly Expanded Training Solutions

The new leadership development series covers many different facets of leadership


Danville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2013 -- The Leadership Development Program that has been recently created and released seven different seminars that last between half a day and one full day and cover many different areas of leadership. The program was created to reflect 21st century corporations, where management has become an independent position and leaders need to master organizational, communication and planning skills to be successful in business.

The different sections of this series include a Business Unit Planning, where managers are able to strengthen their ability to set realistic goals and help each staff member in their unit work towards them. Also in communications, where managers are able to strengthen their conflict and stress resolution skills; Decision Making, where managers help sharpen their ability to use the information and tools available to them to make informed decisions; Adapting and Leading Challenges where managers must create and lead a team throughout a purposeful change, and several others. Each segment has been carefully planned and executed to give a comprehensive training course in leadership, and provide managers with wide ranging information and skills to help them effectively manage their teams.

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