Leadership Trends in 2022 You Should Know About


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2022 -- [Trend topics]. Given the unsettled nature of the past couple of years it's even more vital for businesses to be agile and flexible, from leadership, down. Although recovery has been a theme for many in 2022, the reality is that we still don't really know what the coming year is going to hold and being able to be more responsive, resourceful and creative is a huge asset. All of this starts with the quality of leadership - people and attitudes - which is why this year's leadership trends are so important to understand.

Making the hybrid model your own is a goal for this year. According to one survey in the Harvard Business Review, more than 90% of employers are planning to adopt a hybrid model and that includes leadership roles. Companies and leadership that bought into hybrid working during the pandemic saw positive productivity outcomes. It's going to be key for leadership to embrace the changes in how and where people work, going forward. Another key leadership trend for this year is streamlining to avoid digital overload. There are many more ways to connect with teams today and we are not limited to old traditional models that often generate problems, such as 'meeting fatigue.' Leaders not only need to find effective ways to connect with their teams but also to set boundaries in a digital world that never really switches off.

Upgrading operations and processes to align with new working models and attitudes is another big leadership trend in 2022. For those in leadership roles today, the task is to look at how to shorten processes and make them more efficient, improve resource allocation and identify more cost and time savings. Fostering team connections is also going to be vital - giving people the opportunity to reconnect after the isolation of the past year and being innovative about doing it. What matters to teams now, what do they care about and what have they moved on from? Establishing a firm foundation for diversity and inclusion is going to be essential for this too. People in leadership roles need to be honest and open about how diversity and inclusion are being championed in the business to set the tone for the rest of the company.

[How the company does something relevant to the topic]. Leathwaite's core purpose is to create meaningful change through exceptional people. So, when it comes to understanding the impact that those in leadership roles can have, we have a very clear vision. This is a purpose that is underpinned by three vital values: Be Distinctive, Maintain Humility, Compete Together. From leadership down to the commercial and cultural approach of the business it's these that drive everything that we do. Having a clear set of values like this is increasingly crucial today because it provides a framework for leadership practices that are coherent and aligned with organisational mission and vision. It's one of the reasons why we have been able to sustain consistent growth and unusually low staff turnover.

[How the company carries out the particular service/product]. With experience in delivering hiring for leadership roles across multiple sectors, Leathwaite is an effective and inspirational partner for any enterprise today. We are leadership talent specialists on a global level with more than 100 staff in key global locations, including Dallas, Hong Kong, London, New York, Toronto & Zurich. Our practice-specific teams have access to one of the most in-depth global leadership talent networks available across corporate functions. We have provided a broad spectrum of organisations with support in hiring for the most demanding leadership roles, from CIO and CFO to Human Resource and Legal. Sector coverage includes asset management, investment banking, private equity, retail financial services and professional services.

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