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Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2012 -- Not only is acne one of the most commonly experienced skin conditions, it’s also one of the most upsetting for those who it afflicts. Constantly told that they will grow out of it or that the answer is as simple as washing their face, sufferers everywhere deal with the daily indignity of facing each day knowing that they are unhappy with the state of their face.

Acne is also a goldmine to various cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies looking to cash in on the condition by marketing the latest and greatest acne treatment, whether it works well or not. Some companies seem to spend so much on advertising and promotion it’s a wonder they have any money left over to actually develop an effective product. For those plagued by acne, eager to find the best skin product with which to tackle their complaint, finally there is somewhere to turn.

MyAcneTreatmentReview.com was established by a team of health industry experts sick and tired of the way various companies have turned a serious medical condition into a lucrative cash cow on the back of minimally effective acne treatments. By providing unbiased, independent information on the leading acne treatments on the market, including their ever-popular Proactiv reviews, My Acne Treatment Review has finally thrown a lifeline for those seeking clear skin and a newfound confidence in life.

The team behind My Acne Treatment Review have turned to the most reliable sources to compile their extensive resource on the topic of effectively dealing with acne. Combining the expertise of world-leading doctors, experts in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields and genuine users of popular acne treatment products, MyAcneTreatmentReview.com has left no stone unturned in its quest to provide the best outcomes for acne sufferers everywhere. Additionally, a free-to-download e-book provides a simple three-step process which can assist the vast majority of those with acne achieve clear skin.

Acne products are a great first step in the fight against blemish-prone skin for many. The problem, however, is deciding which one to choose. “Most people who have acne benefit from one or more acne products, but the same set of products won’t work for every individual case,” the website confirms. As well as Proactiv, Skin ID and Exposed Skin Care reviews, the website contains lengthy articles on the topic of locating the best acne treatment product for each and every individual. The result? No more wasted time or money spent on ineffective, expensive treatments; all thanks to My Acne Treatment Review.

One of the best aspects of the new site is the detail in which it examines each and every popular acne product on the market. Expert Skin ID reviews, for example, give consumers everywhere a detailed understanding of the Neutrogena product and allow them to make decisions on its suitability all without leaving the comfort of their living room.

Finally, acne sufferers everywhere can rest easy, knowing that all the answers they seek have been brought together by the committed team behind My Acne Treatment Review. Whether it’s genuine reviews from fellow sufferers, expert medical advice sourced from qualified doctors or simply explanations of popular products, MyAcneTreatmentReview.com has it covered.

About My Acne Treatment Review
MyAcneTreatmentReview was founded by a team who felt that clear skin was something everyone has a right to achieve. Saddened by the lack of truly independent, expert information available on the host of acne treatments in the market today, My Acne Treatment Review decided to work tirelessly towards the goal of creating the definitive acne treatment resource online; and they succeeded.

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