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Leading Australian Pet Enclosure Company Heads Charity Campaigns for Animals

Coops And Cages, Australian pet enclosure company, now openly encouraging the public to change animal conditions through donations.


Carlton, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- The pet industry may have seen a rise in its business prospects, judging from the positive news that it continues to attract. Its better sales forecast could be easily portrayed as people now becoming more responsible when it comes to animal care. But there is always another side to this story, an ugly truth that not everybody is aware of. In the case of pets, cruel and unjust treatment from the very people who are supposed to care for them. And this is what Australian company, Coops And Cages, wants to change with its campaign to support pet charity causes.

Coops And Cages is not the only one that’s involved in such. In Perth, West Australians were encouraged just recently to bring their dogs with them for a fundraising event in support for the volunteer animal rescue service centers such as Pugs SOS. The event which was held at the Kingsway Regional Sporting Complex on October 26, was a canine convention that included several activities like free vet checks and dog competitions. For Pugs SOS, the convention meant so much more. With every photo taken at their ‘Hug a Pug’ pen, it was equivalent to a gold coin that they could use in their effort to provide medical treatment for abandoned or unwanted pugs.

As for a clearer picture on what happens when animals become subject to animal cruelty, a property in New South Wales was recently revealed to have kept at least 130 dogs in debilitating conditions. Animal rights activist Debra Tranter, after being alerted by the community, took pictures of the disgusting conditions of the dogs being kept there. One of the most horrid pictures featured was that of a pregnant Labrador, lying dead on the floor. Others included puppies that were kept on a bread basket with only a bloodied cloth to protect them from the cold, traumatized dogs, and several dogs kept together in one cage. Despite these evidences though, Frazer, the owner of the pet-milling farm, continues to run the business, with RSPCA chief inspector David O'Shannessy saying that the minimum standards for breeding facilities were met.

Although organizations such as RSPCA that should protect animal-welfare already exist, Jordan Walker, marketing strategist for Coops And Cages, says that individual participation from people who truly care still matters. “Although their intentions may be considered good, you can’t really guarantee that their rules and regulations will indeed cover for all the needs of the animals that can’t speak for themselves. We need individual opinion on what should become the standard of how to care for our pets. For Coops And Cages, it’s our open campaign in reaching out to the community to volunteer and help abandoned pets through the skills that they already have, or by donating some of the still usable items to pet rescue groups.”

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