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Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 --, a reputed automobile insurance website which offers affordable car insurance rates and consistently publishes interesting articles, has recently added two new articles discussing the differences between vehicle accidents and incidents.

Often confusing to many, the accidents vs. incidents articles on the popular automobile insurance website are aimed at further clarifying the difference between the two and identifying their ramifications.

The article titled ‘Car Accidents & Vehicle-Related Incidents’ clearly defines the two in a few sentences, “Traffic accidents generally result in vehicular damage, property damage or, heaven forbid, a casualty. This usually means someone's insurance prices are going up (the at-fault party, the affected party, or sometimes both). Traffic incidents might result in damage, but they may also be minor citations for incidents that do not result in damages. These may result in increased insurance prices, but will generally be to a lesser-degree.”

The website has also shared certain examples of incidents in their article titled ‘Most Common Vehicle Incidents’ – parking lot incidents, accidents with wild animals, vandalism, defective equipment, parking tickets and violations, speeding, not obeying traffic signs etc. Even though most of these incidents may not seem harmful, there are certain cases when they could lead to significant damage hence affecting the insurance prices.

Often to determine the damage incidents can cause, individuals ask queries like ‘What does a car look like after being hit by another car going 10 miles an hour’. Answer to such questions, according to vehicular collision safety experts, depends on the angles at which the cars collide with one another. They also mention that even at 10 miles an hour, people have been ‘whiplashed’ resulting in neck injuries which are not fully healed for years.

Apart from the accidents vs. incidents articles, has published numerous other articles some that are highly recommended e.g. ‘Selecting the Right Coverage and Carrier’, ‘Personal and Vehicular Insurance Factors’, ‘Vehicle Accidents, Incidents, and Auto Insurance Claims’ and many ‘How to’ articles. Despite being a valuable resource, it is the website’s online application offering instant highly competitively priced automobile insurance rates which is the most sought after.

About is one of the leading websites that provides instant no-obligation car insurance rates and numerous useful information regarding automobile insurance, advice on vehicle purchasing, insurance company reviews, introductory articles on types of automobile insurance and much more. The website,, recently published two interesting articles – ‘Car Accidents and Vehicle-Related Incidents’ and ‘Most Common Vehicle Incidents’.

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