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Leading Car Insurance Rates Provider Publishes Insightful Article on Liability Auto Insurance


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 --, one of the leading websites to provide instant car insurance rates, has recently published an informative article on Liability Auto Insurance to help the general public thoroughly understand its functioning and importance.

The website is known for providing such articles which clarify confusions and offer insights to saving on car insurance. In this specific article the site editors have concentrated on discussing how Liability Auto Insurance works and the common terms that are associated with it.

Often when it comes to insurance an individual gets lost in the financial jargon and is confused when opting for an insurance type. Many people are now seeking information by themselves as relying on agents can cost more due to their own personal agendas.

This is where websites like have come in. Such sites are focused on providing free information to the general public and work towards thoroughly explaining the ins and outs of insurance. also has its own dedicated call center to further clarify any doubts or offer any kind of assistance.

The latest article titled ‘Liability Auto Insurance’ shares that the most significant factor is the three numbers which are associated with it. For example, if the liability auto insurance is described as 50/100/25 then it translates to compensation for bodily injury per person/bodily injury per accident/property damage. In this case, allocating $ 50,000 to bodily injury per person, $ 100,000 to bodily injury per accident and $ 25,000 to property damage.

The article further adds that each state has set minimum amounts for the three compensations. These amounts can be varied and often are by the car insurance provider; hence the client can adjust these amounts to lower their insurance payments. However, this decrease in the compensation amount is very risky and can lead to significant financial damage if one is involved in a serious accident. Hence the article suggests that individuals should adjust the numbers accordingly. is a rare website to provide such direct yet simple information which is vital as Liability Auto Insurance is necessary to drive a vehicle. Apart from the article, the website provides instant affordable car insurance rates which can be accessed via its online web app. The insurance rates are from premier companies such as MetLife, Mercury, Liberty Mutual, AARP, Nationwide, AIG, Allstate and many more.

About is one of the leading websites that provides affordable car insurance rates, company reviews, vehicle purchasing advice, claims help, coverage types and other valuable information on car insurance. Focused on guiding the general public in selecting the most suitable car insurance, the website has published numerous articles which offer insightful content and elaborate on the policy types in lay-man terms. The website recently published an article on ‘Liability Car Insurance’.

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