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Leading Company Brings Together Talents and Employers Without Third Party Intervention


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2016 -- The current job market has revealed that there are over hundreds and thousands of eligible candidates looking for jobs everywhere. While it has been quite a common factor since many decades ago, what really surprised the public was the fact that there are an equally astounding number of potential employers looking for the right people.

Companies have revealed that a lot of financial savings are spent on recruiters who are employed to hire talents for them. Today, this problem is being addressed by many specialized companies that help employers to get in touch with the right employees and the right talents directly.

Recently, the company called by the name of Hire Team Mate has been recognized as one of the first P2P hiring platforms. It has been able to successfully decentralize the traditional system of recruitments. Both the potential employers and the employees will no longer depend heavily and helplessly on talent scouts and match makers who are also known as peer recruiters.

Any company, big or small can simply post a job at the web site. Additionally, the professional scouts at Hire Team Mate will go about and discover top talents that are perfect for the job description. The scouts at the company have popularly been known as match makers because of the fact that they directly bring together the perfect talents and the hiring teams. The new approach has taken complications and frustrations out of job seeking.

The web site has been enjoying a great number of positive reviews. The year 2015 has recorded that 87.6 per cent of the individuals who have applied at the web site, get a feedback in just a matter of 24 hours. Clients are also given the VIP direct access, whereby one can get in touch with the team mates or hiring managers. For more information please visit

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Hire Team Mate is a leading company that has specialized in connecting the recruiting companies and individuals looking for jobs. It has been a reliable source for both the potential employees and employers to get in touch directly.

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