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Leading Company Launches New Service to Build Strong 1st Tier Providers for CPM, CPC and CAP Advertising Networks


Culver City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2017 -- Latest reports show that most cap network publishers are more interested in the ability to monetize their traffic. The cap prosperity network is offering all the benefits with no need for setting up additional default ads. Talks are already on the way for setting up strategic partnerships with some of the best first tier CPM providers. In addition to this, sponsors are willing to maximize the clients' value. The company's latest announcement has promised that it will monetize every single country in the globe for its clients. So far, the impressions made by the company has been paid.

Premium eCPM will be offered for premium value traffic that includes type-ins and organic traffic. With the company's latest up-gradation, it is willing to provide its publishers with search boxes, XML Premium PPC feeds, search portals, leaderboards, 468 x 60 banners, skyscrapers, popunders and popups, interstitials, 320 x 200 rectangular banners and contextual banners. For its client advertisers the company has announced features like GEO target traffic, traffic targeting based on time zone or specific hours, etc. clients are also given the liberty to maximize the number of ads that will be displayed for specific IPs after every 24 hours.

As bonus, it also offers further impressions. With the wide array of campaigns on display, clients can pick the campaign of their liking and the kind of banners to be displayed. It also comes with options to either choose a HTML banner code or JavaScript banner code. Clients can also choose both banners if they wish to. The company's latest launch include new features like allocating the number of impressions for their campaign and then put a cap to it. Putting the cap will ensure that the ads will not be able to exceed the number mentioned. All ads by the company ensures viewership from websites and domains.

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cpaprosperity is a leading website that offers cap networking. it provides all its publishers with high monetization potentials in all their traffic. it is currently one of the largest networking providers.

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