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Leading Energy Broker UtilityPlan Offers Massive Savings on Commercial Gas and Electricity


Lanarkshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2012 -- Many members of the wider community don’t realise the cost of being in business; the constant costs such as rent, staffing and utilities, with each and every expense eating in further and further into an ever-decreasing bottom-line. Businesses all across the UK work hard to ensure their results.

Unfortunately, however, the bills keep coming in, and in an economy that’s slowing down by the day, many business owners are investigating ways in which they can achieve savings.

A new energy broker, UtilityPlan, is offering businesses across the UK the chance to do just that with their revolutionary new real-time energy cost comparison service.

The problem with most energy comparison websites have been significant; typically, they only compare a limited range of providers and, due to arrangements they may have with one or more of these, then unfairly promote certain providers at the expense of others. Obviously, this completely fails the needs of business that are simply searching for the best deal. Thankfully, Utility Plan Ltd. isn’t like any other energy comparison site out there.

The UtilityPlan difference is simple. By providing a free to use service which effectively compares commercial electricity and gas prices in real time and across all available suppliers, UtilityPlan can ensure businesses are always receiving the best deal.

UtilityPlan goes above and beyond to ensure that businesses can achieve great savings with very little effort, as explained on their website. “You can do this easy online and instantly without any bother, manual work or paperwork when it’s time to renew your contract or whenever you need a new supply. We promise this is the only service you’ll need.” By utilising the incredible service offered by UtilityPlan, concern about gas and electricity prices will be a thing of the past for business owners everywhere.

So for those businesses looking to make an investment that’s sure to pay big dividends, big savings are simply a few clicks of the mouse away, all thanks to UtilityPlan.

About Utility Plan Ltd
UtilityPlan is an exciting new energy broker offering great deals to businesses all across the UK. By providing a free, easy to use service which allows the comparison of commercial gas and energy rates in real time and across all providers, UtilityPlan is ensuring businesses of all shapes and sizes have access to the best deals at all times. For more information, visit http://www.gasandelectricityforbusiness.co.uk