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Leading Florida Solar Company Fun in the Sun Solar Says Going Green Has Never Been Easier


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- Fun in the Sun Solar, an Orlando based family-owned solar company with extensive experience in installing solar electric, pool heating and solar hot water heating systems, has recently stated that switching to solar energy has now become very easy due to numerous tax-savings, electric bill savings and highly efficient solar energy systems.

Fun in the Sun Solar has also been one of the few companies to have been in the industry for such a long period even when the demand of solar energy was much less in the previous decade as compared to today’s environment conscious society.

The media spokesperson of Fun in the Sun Solar shared the company’s story, “Most businesses have their ups and downs. They expand and then they downsize, but then eventually, they expand again. But Fun in the Sun has always been a little bit different from your everyday Central Florida solar company, and we think that’s what makes us great! While other businesses may have been fluctuating over the past 10 years, we have been growing. But while we’ve come a long way, it’s important to remember just what made our expansion possible. Just like a sapling grows into a sturdy, regal tree by way of sunlight, we too have had our own growth spurt, thanks to the help of the sun’s plentiful rays. Yet, just how far have we come?

Looking back at 2005, Fun in the Sun had just hit the map, spreading the benefits of solar energy equipment across Central Florida. We had just 4 employees working at Fun in the Sun at that point, and with that, we were able to install nearly 600 solar panels for homes and businesses of every kind. It was a good start, but we still had plenty of room to grow.

When 2008 rolled around, our solar company had 7 employees pumping out solar equipment all over Florida, and we installed more than 1,100 solar panels that year alone, more than doubling business by way of impeccable solar services. But things were still just heating up, and two years later, we had a full team of 10 solar energy professionals. Fun in the Sun installed nearly twice as many panels as 2008 and the sun seemed to be ever-shining on our fast-flourishing business. Not only was our crew top of the line, but solar was becoming more popular and people were quickly beginning to take notice.

By the time 2013 came along, the solar market was reaching the prime state it’s in today, and at Fun in the Sun, we certainly felt it! Just a year ago, we had 26 employees, and this year, we’ve added 5 more to our astoundingly hardworking team. And if you’re wondering why we are so proud of these individuals, it’s because in 2013 alone, they fitted Central Florida with 3,579 new solar panels! In 2014, we are planning on doing even better, keeping the light shining down on homes and commercial buildings all over Florida.

As you can see, we’ve come from humble beginnings, but ours is an industry with enormous potential, not only for business owners, but for consumers as well. Our customers are the real benefactors of our growth, because it allows us to provide you with better services and newer solar technologies. As the interest in solar expands, so does our business, and we want to bring that expansion to the streets!”

The spokesperson further added on the goal of the company, “Our goal throughout this journey has been to share the benefits of solar energy with all of Florida, and between 2010 and 2014, we’ve grown 250%, meaning that goal is being met every day. Share in the growth and see what Fun in the Sun can do to help you get started with a solar lifestyle!”

About Fun in the Sun Solar
Fun in the Sun Solar is one of the leading solar companies in Florida offering solar electric, pool heating and solar hot water services. Over its extensive years of operation the company has satisfied nearly 42,000 customers and completing nearly 8,200 solar installations. Fun in the Sun Solar has been named “Service Company of the Year” 4 years running and has been presented with numerous awards and recognitions such as 2007 Rising Star Award, 2009 High Impact Award, 2009 #1 Volume Ecosun Dealer in the U.S. and 2011 & 2012 #1 Volume FAFCO Dealer in the U.S.

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