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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/01/2016 -- For injured workers seeking compensation lawyers in the Athens, GA area, Darwin F. Johnson is a noteworthy name. He has spent years devoting his practice to fighting against workers' compensation violations, and has come out of cases victorious more often than not. In a recent write-up just released via his website, Johnson explained the deposition portion of a lawsuit, and ensured potential plaintiffs not to be nervous.

Johnson began by explaining what depositions are. According to the attorney, they are initial testimonies in overall workers' compensation cases that do not occur in courtrooms in front of judges. In a deposition, the defendant's lawyers will ask the suing party questions pertaining to his or her workplace accident and subsequent injuries and expenses.

Depositions are always performed under oath, and are recorded by court recorders in writing or via videotape.

In the article, Johnson advised suing parties to take their depositions seriously. "While they're not like some of those intense courtroom testimonies that you'll see in the movies or on television, depositions play a crucial role in a workers' compensation case overall, so they need not be treated lightly," he said on the subject.

Johnson reminded potential clients that their attorneys will be present to counsel and advise them during their deposition hearings, and so long as they tell the truth, there will be no cause for concern. He also reminded folks that by lying during their depositions, their overall cases will be detrimentally impacted.

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