Leading Global Marketplace in Oracle Recruitment, Staffing, Consulting, and Talent Management Launched

Oracle Stars offers a one-stop shop for Oracle Jobs, projects and talent. There are no costs to post jobs or search the site. The site is 100% dedicated to all Oracle Technology Products.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2015 -- The Oracle Stars Oracle Job Marketplace is pleased to announce the launch of its online marketplace at, providing the Oracle and enterprise software community the first and only job marketplace dedicated to Oracle Technology Platform services. The Oracle Stars Job Marketplace is dedicated to Oracle job placement, recruitment, consulting, staffing, projects, micro services and talent management. The site and service helps Oracle employers locate the right talent needed to work on any Oracle system, project, or micro service, as well as helps Oracle job seekers find Oracle jobs, projects, and contracts. Being solely dedicated to the Oracle Technology marketplace allows Oracle Stars to focus on the largest global community of enterprise software professionals and provide specific and focused services to Oracle customers, partners, and service providers.

One of the many unique benefits offered by Oracle Stars Job Marketplace, includes no upfront charges assessed to companies looking to hire a star. This includes employers, recruiters, consulting firms, or staffing agencies, who are free to use the marketplace to find their Oracle job candidates. Employers can post jobs, browse candidates, and search candidates with no upfront cost or subscription fees, which differs Oracle Stars from the traditional IT job marketplaces, which do impose such fees.

Oracle Job Seekers will be pleased that Oracle Stars also allows them to access the marketplace at no cost, so that they can find their dream Oracle job, consulting project, contract, micro service, or refer others to open positions. With specific categories, filters, and searches directly tied to Oracle products, users can focus in on their exact Oracle product needs, in order to find jobs or create their searchable profiles and resumes. With Oracle, Inc having such a large suite of diverse products, this feature helps employers and job seekers find their specific job requirements. Job Seekers will be further pleased that Oracle Stars provides 100% confidentiality to protect their privacy and annonyminity while searching for jobs or publishing their profiles.

According to a spokesperson for Oracle Stars, "We are the first and only job marketplace dedicated to Oracle Technology professionals. Having consulted in the Oracle space for over 10 years, we noticed a need to connect Oracle employers and job seekers that the traditional IT job marketplaces weren't providing. It's difficult to find good Oracle talent on Dice, Monster, or Indeed. Our Oracle job marketplace offers a robust list of Oracle products and platforms to ensure that you find your perfect Oracle match, filter or search on any Oracle product, and setup alerts on any Oracle product. All these searching and alerting services are available at no cost. There are no upfront fees. We're here to help you find your Oracle Star!"

Additional marketplace features are available on the website. These include job and candidate alerts, referrals, key word searches, and searches on geography, citizenship, career positions, and compensation amounts. There are specific Oracle technology matches across the entire site, whether searching, browsing, posting jobs, or creating resume profiles. The website is designed to work on any computer device, including desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

The list of available Oracle job seekers and Oracle employers, system consultants, integrators, partners, clients is unparalleled. The highest caliber candidates and hiring firms for Oracle technology positions can be found on the site.

Learn more about Oracle Stars by visiting the marketplace web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact the company at the email address provided below.

About Oracle Stars
Oracle Stars is the Global Leader in Oracle job recruitment, staffing, consulting, and talent management. The job marketplace is dedicated to connecting people working on Oracle Technology Platforms, thereby helping Oracle clients and companies find the right talent they seek to work on their Oracle systems.

Company Name: Oracle Stars, Inc.