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Leading Gold IRA Provider Offers Free Gold Investment Kit, Publishes Extensive Tips on Gold IRAs


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- Regal Assets, a company dedicated in providing several gold investment opportunities, is now offering a free gold investment kit which will help individuals jumpstart their Gold IRA search. The company’s website,, has already published numerous articles and tips on how to get the most out of Gold IRAs. The free kit or guide is available through the website upon submission of a quick form.

Ever since the financial crisis investing in gold has been the preferred choice by people all over the world. Many investors have also realized that in case of future crisis gold will always act as a safety net. This common preference has led to increased demand for gold investment services including in retirement funds. Post financial crisis market has seen emergence of many gold IRA companies that are now focused in offering their clients gold retirement funds.

Regal Assets informs that before selecting a gold retirement plan it is first vital that individuals first gain the basic knowledge of how these funds work. The company added that there are many gold IRAs today and it is best to completely understand what each of them offer and then select the most suitable type. Their free gold retirement guide is aimed at educating the general public about these popular gold retirement funds and is intended to help them make a well informed choice when finally opting for a gold IRA.

The company’s website offers various articles that are considered as must read before opening a new gold IRA account. Articles such as ‘Buying Gold the Right Way’, ‘What to Look For in Gold IRA Companies’, ‘Why is Gold so valuable’, ‘Tips for Opening a Gold IRA Account’ and many more offer insights to gold investment which are not easily available elsewhere. The website acts as a comprehensive destination to gain knowledge about investing in gold IRAs and the material offered is sufficient enough for individuals to make a safe and secure decision.

About Regal Assets
Regal Assets is one of the leading companies that provides investment opportunities in gold IRAs. Through their online platform,, the various gold retirement fund services offered by the company can be viewed. The company’s website is also a useful resource for obtaining knowledge regarding gold investments. Regal Assets is currently offering a free gold retirement guide, available through a simple application on the website.

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