Leading Holistic Energy Company Offers EMF Protection for Pets with the QuWave Pet Harmonizer

Well-known holistic energy company is helping to protect pets from the health hazards that are associated with continual exposure to EMF with the Pet Harmonizer


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- QuWave, a leading holistic energy company is warning pet owners about the health hazards that are associated with continual exposure to EMF. With pets spending a great deal of time within the home, often more than their owners, they become subjected to the dangers of EMF Pollution that is caused through modern technology.

Just like adults are at risk from EMF, pets are also at risk and can suffer from serious health risks according to EMF experts. Those risks include Cancer, tumors, heart disease, and accelerated aging. Where adults can complain about the problems caused by EMF exposure such as headaches and fatigue, pets do not have a voice which leaves them unable to warn their owners about being unwell.

Vets already warn about the dangers of EMF and how pet owners should avoid letting their pets sleep near electronic appliances like computers, refrigerators and TVs. The problem has become so serious, pet owners are now turning to QuWave and their Pet Harmonizer that helps to protect pets from harmful EMF.

QuWave Pet Harmonizer helps to protect pets from EMF by generating positive Shumann Resonance by using Scalar Waves. The protect works in the same way as it does for humans. The Pet Harmonizer can be placed near the pet’s water, under or near their bed as well as near their food and water.

With so much modern technology, pet experts are advising pet owners to buy the QuWave to give their pets full protection against Harmful EMF, and at just $297, it is an affordable protection that gives the pet the protection it needs.

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About QuWave
QuWave LLC, a prominent organization in the energy medicine field, manufacturing unique and active products that block the negative effects of EMF pollution and radiation while also generating Scalar Waves, Solfeggio Frequencies, Shumann Resonance, and Chi Orgone energies to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle. QuWave is an online company located in Ledgewood, NJ that has customers, affiliates, and resellers around the world.

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