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Leading Hotel Supplier Offers Resources for Charity Collaboration

Hotels for Humanity’s recently released online workbook helps nonprofits forge relationships and alliances with businesses


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2015 -- Hotels for Humanity has announced the launch of a brand new resource designed to help nonprofit organizations forge alliances with businesses. The Meeting the Collaboration Challenge Workbook delivers 14 forms and several appendices to help nonprofits develop strong relationships with powerful businesses.

According to the Hotels for Humanity staff, powerful alliances between nonprofit organizations and businesses are creating opportunities that were unheard of 20 years ago. Collaboration between nonprofits and businesses is easier to facilitate than ever, thanks to evolving technology such as social media, and the benefits of these partnerships reach further than ever.

The Meeting the Collaboration Challenge Workbook gives nonprofit organizers and leaders deep insight into the intricacies of developing alliances with businesses by offering an organizational tool like no other.

The Meeting the Collaboration Challenge Workbook breaks its resources up into four phases, "Prepare Your Nonprofit Organization to Meet the Collaboration Challenge", "Plan Your Nonprofit Organization's Strategic Alliances with Businesses", "Develop Strategic Alliances with Businesses", and "Renew Your Nonprofit Organization's Strategic Alliances with Businesses".

Each phase is supported with a wealth of information, as well as forms that guide nonprofit leaders through every step of the way.

"By helping you organize and put all your information into a persuasive form, Hotels for Humanity will do everything they can do to go out and help your nonprofit organization further its mission," said the Hotels for Humanity team.

Nonprofit organizers and leaders can progress through the workbook step-by-step, or they can start with the phase that fits their particular situation.

Further information about the Meeting the Collaboration Challenge Workbook can be found at

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Hotels for Humanity offers strategic sourcing solutions and supplies for hotels, and the company also works to encourage charity collaboration.


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