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Leading HVAC Company Reveals No. 1 Customer Question


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2019 -- Arizona's hot weather isn't showing any signs of stopping. Luckily, residents can rely on Larson Air to help them beat the heat with superior AC service in Phoenix. But this Arizona-based HVAC company doesn't stop there. It's keeping customers extra cool this summer by answering burning HVAC questions.

So, what's the hottest question? Larson Air reveals its customers' most frequently asked question is:

When is it time to replace an air conditioning system?

The Larson team knows the system often lets an owner know it's time for a replacement. The trick is to recognize the signs. If any of the following warning signs become apparent, take it as a green light to schedule an air conditioning replacement consultation with Larson:

Higher than normal energy bills
A system that is over 15 years old

System that contains R-22 refrigerant, which no longer will be manufactured after Jan. 1, 2020

Odd sounds from the system
Odd smells from the system
Poor indoor air quality (dust throughout home)
Hot and cold spots in the home
Increasing repair costs for the system each year

As a homeowner, asking questions is always the first step toward better indoor comfort. And Larson Air Conditioning is the perfect partner to turn to when questions arise. From AC repair in Phoenix to heating maintenance in Paradise Valley, Larson Air Conditioning will always provide superior customer service and quality work—guaranteed.

About Larson Air Conditioning
Established in 2012, Larson Air Conditioning is owned and operated by the husband-and-wife team of Jared and Jamie Larson. The family-owned Scottsdale-based HVAC company integrates family values in all service and vows to provide total satisfaction, reliability and comfort to every customer it serves in the Scottsdale and Greater Phoenix area. With Larson, customers are guaranteed a trusted company that provides best-in-class HVAC practices, skilled craftsmanship and incredible customer service.