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Leading Indiana Law Firm Brings Victim’s Family Victory and Closure in Wrongful Death Case


Indianpolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2012 -- When an off duty officer going 94 mph in his patrol car crashed into Shirley Trent and ended her life, the law firm of Yosha Cook Shartzer & Tisch successfully fought a six-year case to bring victory and closure to her family. “Not only did our hearts go out to the family of Shirley Trent, but we also saw an all too common injustice of wanton high speed recklessness by the police that could not go unchallenged,” said Indianapolis personal injury attorney Jason Shartzer.

As two of the leading partners at the firm of Yosha Cook Shartzer & Tisch, Jason Shartzer and Richard Cook have earned reputations as unyielding advocates in wrongful death cases against corporations in the wrong. “After a thorough investigation we knew that we had to represent and win for this grieving family no matter how long it took,” said Indiana personal injury attorney Richard Cook.

The hardworking mother was in her car delivering newspapers for her second job one early morning. The officer was in his patrol car responding to a call at his parent’s house although he was off duty and had not been requested. The officer hit Trent’s car as he crested a hill with his patrol car lights off going 94 mph. The department vehemently fought against the point of the officer being off duty. “The crux of the case was whether this was a personal mission for the off- duty officer or was he operating in the line of duty,” said Cook.

Cook was a former state and federal prosecutor who had spent the second phase of his career as a partner and Indiana accident lawyer with the prestigious Indianapolis firm. Shartzer’s background included work with the Louisiana ACLU, the American Arbitration Association and six years of successful jury trial experience with the firm where he is now a partner.

According to Shartzer, six years, a mountain of firm hours and a $300,000 settlement cap meant that the firm was essentially fighting the case pro bono. Ultimately, physical evidence at the scene revealed that the officer had been going 94 mph at the time of the accident, which was ruled willful and wanton recklessness. “We took the case because our investigation showed us it was the right thing to do,” said the Indiana car crash lawyer.

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