Leading Japanese Knotweed Removal Company Secure New Improvements to Their Insurance Backed Guarantees for Homeowners


Cobham, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2017 -- Japanese knotweed removal company, Environet UK Ltd has today announced new improvements to their insurance backed guarantee which are underwritten a syndicate at Lloyd's.

Japanese knotweed has received wide press coverage in recent years, primarily because it has prevented home-buyers from securing mortgages on properties where Knotweed has been found. With over twenty years' experience, Environet provides a wide range of Japanese knotweed treatments designed to control the spread of the plant. They also provide the insurance backed guarantee on all excavation and knotweed removal projects to eradicate this invasive plant from homes and commercial properties.

In a statement published today, Nicolas Seal, one of the UKs leading experts on this invasive plant commented, They will enable us to issue an immediate guarantee as soon as work has commenced. In previous years companies were only able to provide this guarantee once the treatment had been completed.

The insurance backed guarantees can be provided to cover up to £100,000 worth of further treatment works. It is hoped that the new process will dramatically improve the speed that homeowners can exchange contracts on properties where knotweed has been identified.

"If you encounter problems with Japanese knotweed and need it removed from properties, then the best thing to do is to speak to an expert…" Mr. Seal continued, "…in the winter months, the plant regresses underground. However, now is exactly the right time to be removing Japanese knotweed."

Knotweed is known to be very destructive during the spring and summer months as the plant can grow up to 2 meters in height over this period. Such fast growth has been reported to cause damage to homes and driveways as the weed pushes through cracks in concrete with great force.

In spring the knotweed resurfaces and grows at the fastest rate. Japanese knotweed has caused many homeowners difficulties, principally because mortgage lenders won't lend against properties where knotweed has been found.

"Our new improved Insurance Backed Guarantees are designed to work alongside our patented Xtract™ methodology, which ensures Japanese knotweed removal, including the rhizome and root systems." Mr. Seal concluded.

Knotweed was branded by The Sunday Times in 2016 as "The Plant That's Eating Britain" due to the aggressive nature of this species. Originally introduced into the UK in the 1940s as an ornamental plant from East Asia, Japanese knotweed has steadily grown across the country and can be found in many counties as a wayside weed.

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