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London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2016 -- With the sub-zero temperatures quickly approaching and snow starting to fall across the country, it has been reported that many people are now putting off house and office moves, waiting for the warmer weather and longer days. However, for some, to move now is the only option; therefore one leading removals agency in London, Top Removals, has offered tips and advice to make winter moves as easy as possible for all. These tips included the following:

- Hire professionals. It is always important to hire a removals agency to assist, however this is even more important during winter. This allows for moves to be completed in shorter time frames and ensures that those moving and their possessions are outside for minimal amounts of time.
- Turn on the heat. Before moving day it is vital that those moving call their gas and electricity suppliers so that when they get to their new homes and offices they're not left cold without heat.
- Clear the snow. When moving, people should always keep a close eye on the weather, dealing with ice and snow efficiently and ensuring that drives, lanes and walkways are as safe as possible.
- Protect your floors. Heavy cardboard and/or plastic sheeting can be used in houses and offices, secured with heavy duty tape, not only to protect floors but also to deter slips, trips and falls.

These are only some of the helpful tips in which the company offered too, with a spokesperson from Top Removals saying, "Here at Top Removals we are able to ensure that winter moves go as smoothly possible thanks to our vast amount of knowledge and experience. We are also able to provide all with superior advice and guidance from start to finish – should anyone require assistance we urge them to get in touch today."

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