Leading Mexican Real Estate Corporation Grupo FRISA Offers Stores in Malls, Plazas and Local Zones


Mexico City, Mexico -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- Grupo FRISA, which has been providing real estate solutions for past 57 years, is currently offering stores in their new and existing shopping malls, plazas and local zones. The company’s MultiPlaza Malls have become a huge commercial success with now over 44 malls across Mexico and many more to come.

With over 120 million annual visitors to Grupo FRISA locations, many multi-national corporations and independent businesses always seek a FRISA property to further grow in the industry. Location, being one of the keys to a successful venture, has been the main focus for Grupo FRISA throughout its existence and now they have occupied properties in the best zones and high growth areas of Mexico.

More info about where the current stores are available can be viewed by either visiting the official Grupo FRISA website or calling the company for a more personalized commercial real estate solution.

Stores in malls however is not the only real estate property FRISA offers. Understanding that the type of business determines the required location, FRISA has also constructed many shopping plazas and local stores. These plazas and stores are located in prime locations and have been methodically designed to enhance the overall shopping experience. Due to certain plazas’ popularity new commercial zones have now been established in these areas, which represent the importance of FRISA properties in creating new growth zones.

Interested individuals and businesses can click here, to view where the shopping plazas and local stores are located and if there is an availability in the desired locations.

FRISA properties has already helped many businesses gain more customers, and even contributed in the commercial growth of Mexico. Concentrating on making shopping more fun, the malls, plazas and local stores all have been constructed with innovative and unique designs with the addition of latest technological systems to ensure safety as well.

Visit site for complete details of the commercial property offered by Grupo FRISA and to view any new locations that the company is currently constructing.

About Grupo FRISA
Since 1957, Grupo FRISA has been providing commercial, industrial, housing and tourism properties in prime locations in Mexico. Now known as one of the leading Mexican construction companies, Grupo FRISA has been actively involved in re-shaping Mexican localities into modern, functional, safe and entertaining societies. Grupo FRISA is also known for the expansion of its MultiPlaza malls. Through the online platform,, details of availability of various stores in these malls and other high growth commercial zones can be viewed at their site.

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