Leading Money Saving Website Releases Browser Usage Statistics


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- The incentivized e-commerce market has seen positive growth in recent years with the emergence of comparison services, deal websites and mobile money saving apps. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of methods of reducing the cost of their online purchase,as a result of this, there was an estimated $1.1 trillion in sales influenced by web driven marketing activities. a leading deal websites, has revealed user usage statistics outlining the most popular web browsers used by consumers who searched online for coupons prior to making a purchase.

In 2014 there are over 100 web browsers across multiple platforms, with the increasing amount of personal technology made available to us, we may use 3 different browsers each day with our Smartphones, Tablets and Computers. This report combines data across all devices and platforms, which are the most popular browsers used in incentivised e-commerce?

10. Blackberry Browser (Usage Share 0.12%)
This browser is installed on over 40 mobile devices from Blackberry.

9. Amazon Silk (Usage Share 0.26%)
Silk from Amazon is the native browser for the Kindle the Fire phone.

8. Safari App (Usage Share 0.36%)
This popular mobile browser comes built in to all Iphone models.

7. IE with Chrome Frame (Usage Share 0.68%)
Chrome frame is a popular browser plugin for IE allows webpages to be displayed using chrome Javascript and
Webkit layout engine.

6. Opera (Usage Share 0.88%)
Launched in 1995 Opera runs on Windows, OS X and most mobile platforms. Opera has a 4.11% global market share.

5. Android Browser (Usage Share 3.64%)
From Google, Android is the most popular mobile browser with 6.29% combined global market share.

4. Firefox (Usage Share 12.61%)
It is reported that Firefox has 450 million users around the world with a 15.14% market share.

3. Internet Explorer (Usage Share 14.83%)
From Microsoft Internet Explorer currently has a 19.59% global market share, IE8 accounts for 20% of this.

2. Safari (Usage Share 32.88%)
Created for Apple but now available for Windows and Android Safari claims a 7.24% worldwide market share.

1. Chrome (Usage Share 33.47%)
Chrome from Google is arguably the world most popular browser gaining a 36.7% global usage share this year.

You probably guessed the top 3 browsers, however as this data is specifically relevant to consumers who actively searched online for a coupon prior to making an online purchase. When looking at the 2014 combines browser market share report from Statcounter the top 3 Browsers are:

1. Chrome (Combined usage Share 36.7%)

2. Internet Explorer (Combined usage Share 19.5%)

3. Firefox (Combined usage Share 15.14%)

This data demonstrates that the more frugal shoppers among us may be more likely to use Chrome or Safari instead of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

We can also see that users of the Safari browser outnumber that of Internet Explorer and Firefox combined. What does this tell us about the frugality of Safari users?

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