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Leading Online Payday Loans Provider Clarifies on What Makes You Eligible for a Payday Loan


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- EasyOnlinePaydayLoan.com, one of the leading companies to provide payday loans with complete 100% online approval process, has recently shared a list of criteria that is commonly followed by the lenders before approving a payday loan. The online brokerage informed that this list has been published to help clarify the eligibility criteria to the general public, removing any confusion.

Known for offering online payday loans at highly competitive rates, EasyOnlinePaydayLoan.com often receives query regarding eligibility at their dedicated customer support call center. The company has found that many people believe that they will not be eligible due to bad credit, poor financial rating or just because of a poor profile. However that is not the case as even individuals with no credit and bankruptcy are eligible for the payday loan. Many lenders are willing to offer loans to such individuals and EasyOnlinePaydayLoan.com has many-a-times helped them acquire an instant loan.

According to the company, the answer to the common query what makes you eligible for a payday loan is very simple. Only 3 things are required – US citizenship, at least 18 years of age and proof of employment or regular source of income of $ 1000 or more. EasyOnlinePaydayLoan.com can provide loan to anyone who fulfills these 3 criteria and due to its extensive database of lenders, these payday loans are instant and fixed at lowest rates.

The company also informed that it has become a common practice for payday loan providers to use the consumer bureau Teletrack. The Teletrack system enables specialized lenders to track credit history, payment history and other financial activities. Hence, EasyOnlinePaydayLoan.com advices all prospects to be honest to lenders as they already know the credit history. Once the lenders are assured that an individual comprehends his/her current financial scenario and will pay back in time, they are willing to lend the money even if their credit history is poor.

EasyOnlinePaydayLoan.com provides loans swiftly and usually within the next day. Loans up to $1500 can be availed via the company depending on the employment and credit history of a person. The application is 100% online and secure, enabling interested individuals to apply instantly without hassle and be informed immediately of their loan status.

About Easy Online Payday Loan
Easy Online Payday Loan is one of the leading companies to provide payday loans to individuals by connecting them to a suitable lender. The company has numerous reliable lenders who are willing to lend money in an emergency situation and have a lenient background credit check. These connections with leading financial institution, enables Easy Online Payday Loan to offer instant payday loans at highly competitive rates. The company has a complete online application process without the requirement of faxing or sending personal documents.

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