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Leading PCB Manufacturer RayMing Technology Purchased New PCB Equipment to Improve Capabilities


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2016 -- RayMing Technology, a leading PCB manufacturer from Shenzhen, China, recently purchased a couple of new machines for its manufactory. On behalf of the company, it was announced that the management has decided now to invest in latest technologies more than anything else. The owners underlined the importance of investing in PCB manufacturing technologies and explained why they have increased investment in latest equipment.

"The quality of any product is determined by the tools and technologies used for making it. We religiously follow a benchmark when it comes to PCB manufacturing. We have procured the PCB equipment from both overseas manufacturers and their domestic counterparts. We hope that the newly procured equipment would give us the edge in the competitive market scenario", said a spokesperson of RayMing Technology during a press conference.

The newly bought equipment includes automatic Shen copper, inner/outer sandblasting equipment, inner/outer shadow machine, PTH [pre-scrubbing machine, SES Line or etching line machine, drilling machines, pattern plating line, S/M expose machine, E-test machine, AOI machine, legend/solder mask oven, screen silk printing machine, punching machine, ROHS tester, V-Cut machine and many other machines that the management decided to procure for enhancing output capacity.

"For reading more about the turnkey PCB assembly machines, anyone can write to us. We have also procured a range of quality control equipment, details of which can be found on our website", said the spokesperson while answering questions of the journalists and correspondents from local newspapers and news agencies. He also indicated that his company would invest more in latest equipment in the near future.

"We want to make sure that the complex requirements of our clients are met. We rely on precision engineering and we believe that should be the main driving force behind the industry's growth overall. The new set of machines that we have purchased would be beneficial for the PCB fabrication department and the machines would boost overall productivity, we firmly believe", said the CEO and managing director of RayMing Technology at the press conference held in Fuyong Town, China.

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