Leading Penny Stock Analyst Revisits Prediction 3 for 2012, Occupy Wall Street Survives but Changes Dramatically

The leading penny stock analyst and expert in penny stock investing, Peter Leeds, is revisiting his 12 predictions for 2012. Made over a year ago, Leeds touched on Israel, the election, and inflation, among other topics which have implications for penny stock investors. Prediction number three was that Occupy Wall Street would soldier on, but only in a dramatically different form.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- Over one year ago, Peter Leeds, the expert in penny stock investing and publisher of the Peter Leeds penny stock newsletter, made twelve bold predictions which should be expected in 2012. Now nearly a year later, Leeds is revisiting those opinions to see how accurate his assessments were.

Prediction number three was that Occupy Wall Street would soldier on, but in a dramatically different form. These comments were made at a time when media and national interest in the movement were at very high levels, but just starting to wane.

"The trend was obvious," mentions Leeds. "Attention and support was beginning to wane, and no movement can be sustainable when the branding around the concept is confusing. We considered the inevitable fall of Occupy Wall Street when doing our penny stock investing research, and it did have some ramifications in relation to our penny stock picks."

Leeds cites the drop off in media coverage as a symptom of the fall of Occupy Wall Street rather than the cause. "Media has an attention span, and that faded away. But the attention span of the populace is actually a few weeks shorter, and the coverage in the news reflected a decrease in interest of the movement."

Asked if Occupy Wall Street could have been more effective, Leeds suggests that there were ways. "Movements which work are those that have a clear message. No war. Pro Life. Pro Choice. Racial Equality. I am still not sure of the goals or messages of Occupy Wall Street, despite interviewing many of the activists, and even agreeing with some of their positions."

Leeds clarifies that his comments are not intended to be negative to the movement, but rather are observational in nature, and suggest ways Occupy Wall Street could be more effective. "The system has problems," mentions Leeds, "And it does not at all surprise me that a mass movement arose in an attempt to address those problems."

Asked how this and other predictions play into his penny stock investing picks, Leeds mentions that all factors affect the economy and the nation in their own ways, and those in turn will impact penny stock investing. With penny stock investing, Leeds suggest that the more you know and keep an eye on, the better, even when the potential for direct impacts may not be clear.

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