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Leading Precision Machining Company Is Winning Work Back from China


Bellingham, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2012 -- As economists and workers alike decry the seemingly endless flood of manufacturing jobs moving from the United States to China, one company is turning the tide. Antron Engineering & Machine Co., the Bellingham, Mass., precision machining facility, is continuing to manufacture quality products at competitive prices.

“Our customers find that when they buy from manufacturers in China, there is a real inconsistency in the quality of the workmanship,” said John Kauker, Executive Vice President of Antron Engineering. “The items they are producing are of marginal quality, so more and more of our clients are coming back to a company they can trust: Antron Engineering, made in the USA.”

Kauker added that despite China's notoriously low wages, labor costs are rising even there, and the high transportation costs and delivery time are causing more customers to look close to home for sources of quality products.

“We know we are in competition with Chinese manufacturers,” said Kauker. “That is why we have invested in better equipment and better technology. That is why we have found ways to make products faster and with higher quality, mainly through improved automation.”

Kauker added that when customers deal with overseas suppliers, they may not only be sold a substandard product, but the supplier may not be set up to handle any problems that may arise. Kauker said that is never the case with Antron Engineering’s customer service.

“We consistently deliver quality products at competitive prices, and we stand by our products every step of the way,” said Kauker.

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