Leading Retailer Offers Free Bottle of Ancient Beauty Secret with Purchase

Mobilis, a top online marketplace retailer, is offering a free bottle of Essence of Argan Oil 15ml with the purchase of a jar of Idrotherapy.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- For a short time, receive a free bottle Essence of Argan Oil 15ml when people purchase Idrotherapy from Mobilis on Amazon.com or www.gomobilis.com.

Mobilis is kicking off their biggest promotion of the year through Amazon.com and www.goMobilis.com. Purchase a jar of Idrotherapy and receive a free 15ml bottle of Essence of Argan Oil. As always, there is no charge for shipping.

Essence of Argan Oil is an ancient beauty secret. This oil comes from the nuts produced by the Argan tree, found in the semi-desert areas of southwestern Morocco. It is popular for its nutritional, medicinal, and cosmetic properties. Argan oil is known as "Liquid Gold" or "The Gold of Morocco" for its reported effects on aging skin, dry skin, acne, damaged hair and brittle nails.

Idrotherapy is an amazing wrinkle reducing cream that, has been known to, protect, repair and hydrate the skin at the cellular level, causing ones skin to look healthier, smoother, and younger.1

Mobilis is providing two venues to purchase this incredible deal; either from Amazon.com or www.goMobilis.com. If one purchases from Amazon, make sure that one adds both Essence of Argan Oil 15ml and Idrotherapy into the cart from Mobilis; the discount will be given to buyers on the final checkout page before one makes the purchase. Both products must be purchased from Mobilis for the discount to be given. If one purchases from www.goMobilis.com all one has to do is purchase a jar of Idrotherapy. The bottle of Argan Oil will be added to the package on shipment.

“We’re excited about this offer and introducing more people to Argan Oil, by providing it free through this promotion to our U.S. customers. That is why we are not just making this available through our own website, but through Amazon.com as well.” said Jason McLellan, Mobilis President. “This is a brand that we are proud to stand behind and promote. We are not just Sellers of this product, but we are avid users of the full line of Essence of Argan products.”

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Offer valid to U.S. customers only.
1 Individual results may vary