Envision Cosmetic Surgery

Leading Salt Lake City Cosmetic Surgeon Offers Discount on Fillers, Provides Free Consultation


Murray, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- Envision Cosmetic Surgery, a beauty centre dedicated in providing various surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, has recently announced that they are offering a 50% discount on all second fillers. The centre led by Dr. Benjamin Dunkley is also providing free consultations to all interested individuals who would like to enhance their appearance.

The Cosmetic Surgery Salt Lake City, Utah informed that face fillers and lip enhancements are one of their highly demanded services as many people prefer non-invasive treatments. The beauty center further added that botox and fillers give instant results without waiting for the recovery period hence making them a preferred choice. However, the center suggests first consulting with Dr. Dunkley to figure out the most suitable procedure for a specific individual and to gain further knowledge on how fillers work and what types are currently available.

Breast Enlargement Salt Lake City, Utah has always been the most sought after cosmetic procedure and Envision Cosmetic Surgery offers many personalized procedures to achieve the desired result of their clients. The beauty centre’s team is well versed with the popular treatment of saline or silicone implants and also offers another breast augmentation procedure by fat grafting which is more popular in Europe and has recently been catching on in the U.S. More information on types of procedures that the centre provides to improve the shape and size of breasts can be availed by calling the center.

Despite the presence of many Plastic Surgery Salt Lake City, Utah centers, what separates Envision Cosmetic Surgery is the experience and professionalism of Dr. Benjamin Dunkley. Dr. Dunkley from the beginning has focused his medical studies on cosmetic surgery and this initial interest has led him to become one of the most respected medical professionals in the field.

Many other popular procedures such as Liposuction Salt Lake City, Utah are available through Dr. Dunkley and his team at Envision Cosmetic Surgery. With the mission statement ‘Transforming lives by increasing self-confidence in ones physical appearance for the purpose of improving mental and physical health’, Dr. Dunkley is offering his expertise to all interested individuals and is providing free consultations to everyone.

About Envision Cosmetic Surgery
Based out of Murray, Utah Envision Cosmetic Surgery is led by Dr. Benjamin Dunkley, a facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon who has successfully performed many cosmetic surgeries over his extensive medical career. Through Envision Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Dunkley and his team provide all types of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, facelift, tummy tucking, rhino & chin plants, Botox, HCG weight loss, skin care and much more. The online platform of the company, http://www.envisionsurgery.com/, offers further specific details on these various procedures and Dr. Dunkley’s personal blog provides insights to latest cosmetic surgeries.

For more information about Cosmetic Surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of envisionsurgery.com, please call at 801-268-2650 or email to support@envisionsurgery.com.