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Leading SEO Firm Announces Impressive 350%+ Web Traffic Increases for Clients


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/29/2012 -- Seattle Organic SEO (SOS), a leading Organic Search Engine Optimization firm based in Seattle, WA is happy to announce incredible online traffic results from clients serviced in 2011. Through the efforts of the marketing boutique specializing in SEO and PPC, photographers, ecommerce companies and the world's largest online casino boosted their online traffic through SOS's efforts in optimizing their websites organically.

Search Engine Optimization has become more prominent as one of the most efficient forms of online marketing. Companies like Amazon.com and Expedia.com have leveraged the techniques to bolster their ubiquitous presences online. With the relatively "free traffic" that is generated through being in the top positions of searches within Google, Bing and Yahoo, these companies literally save potentially millions of dollars in online paid marketing costs.

One of the Seattle Marketing Firm's first clients, Derek Wong Photography which now is found in the #1 positions for many of the searches germane to it's business has grown over 114% in organic traffic in 2011 when compared to 2010. When comparing the non-branded phrases which are basically the company's name searches like "derek wong photography" and only focusing on industry terms like "hawaii wedding photography", the website grew it's traffic 7245% year over year. Basically, the non-branded phrases generated very little traffic in 2010 and in 2011, SOS helped Wong and his firm show up for many of the searches he sought out at the beginning of the campaign. Wong says of the work, "We were truly blown away at what Na and his firm did with our website. If it weren't for Seattle Organic SEO, we may have not been anywhere as busy as we were in 2011. We've been recognized by many publications as one of the better photographers, but Brandon and his team helped the online world see how good we were."

Another client, C&J Enterprises which runs two ecommerce websites focusing on Audio Video products grew to over 10,200 organic (only) visits in 2011 versus the 3800 in 2010. SOS literally helped it grow it's natural search traffic to over 166% higher in 2011.

A local company that regularly achieves one of the top Facebook applications positions in gaming and is considered the biggest online casino credits SOS for finally ascertaining the heights in organic rankings they once thought were impossible to achieve. For one of the phrases they asked SOS to rank them within Google, they are currently accruing close to 6000 visits per 30 days amongst many other phrases generating organic traffic and are very close to achieving the #1 spot which they though would of cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Instead, SOS achieved these stellar rankings for much less. Six months ago, they received 0 visits a month from that same phrase.

An IT firm which asked SOS to educate and help them with their search engine marketing firm in the fall of 2011 also saw their traffic grow over 300%. The firm's leading principal requested not to be identified, but said, "We had so much traffic from what SOS created for us, we didn't know what to do with it. Frankly, we were overwhelmed."

And a local Trade group representing a sector of the real industry as well were extremely pleased with the work SOS did for it. They increased their rankings that were on the 2nd page or worse to the #1 positions for many significant terms and phrases that literally drove their organic traffic online 386%+ compared to the previous year. It helped replace many of the online marketing dollars that were spent during the height of the real estate boom. The companies management were definitely amazed at the SEO success.

About Seattle Organic SEO
Seattle Organic SEO (SOS) is one of the leading Search Engine Optimization firms in the United States. It manages Organic SEO campaigns for small to medium sized businesses along with Pay Per Click Advertising Management solutions.

For more details about the online marketing firm, please visit: http://seattleorganicseo.com The company is the #1 site in Yelp's SEO category in Seattle, Google Maps for the Seattle area and many other phrases organically. The company also regularly publishes to it's SEO Blog at: http://seattleorganicseo.com/sosblog/