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Harrisburg, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2013 -- Market Leader SEO, a company dedicated in providing various SEO and internet marketing services, is now offering a money back guarantee on ranking a website in Top 10 of Google search engine results corresponding to required keywords within 90 days. The company informed that their highly experienced team and advance SEO techniques enables them to rank websites very high in search engines and gain immense traffic. Market Leader SEO also provides a fixed upfront pricing based on the keywords requested to create transparent relations with their clients.

The media spokesperson of Market Leader SEO quoted on the guarantee offer, “We wanted to create a definite identity which would separate us from our competitors and guaranteeing results was one of the best ways to reflect the confidence we have in our SEO services. We understand that businesses hire a SEO company to gain a high ranking in search engines and if we are unable to provide this then there is no point in charging them for the service. A Top 10 ranking in Google within 90 days is the guarantee we offer but in most of our orders we have managed to rank the websites in the Top 5. The ranking however does depend on the other competing websites for the same keyword and that is why we also have a fixed upfront pricing policy to inform our clients of what the cost will be to achieve a respectable ranking for the required keyword or keywords.”

The company also has a live 24/7 rank tracking which is provided to their clients in their dashboard. Market Leader SEO informed that their SEO services and techniques all follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines and abide by industry standards to apply legit optimization strategies. Interested individuals can request for free quotes by filling up a quick application form on the company’s website.

The impact that SEO has on businesses has become quite evident in every industry. Creating a popular online presence is becoming essential and many businesses prosper or fail because of this. Most of the testimonials of Market Leader SEO have stated that there has been a significant increase in profits due to the popularity of their websites and they continue to use Market Leader SEO’s services to maintain their increasing customers.

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Market Leader SEO is one of the leading companies that provides various search engine optimization services. Through their online platform,, the various SEO service offered by the company and informative article on SEO can be viewed. The company is known for its money back guarantee of Top 10 Google Ranking within 90 days and for its upfront pricing based on the keywords the clients require.

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