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Leading Springfield Orthodontic Practice Gains Premier Invisalign Certification


Springfield, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2012 -- Millions of American’s will require orthodontic treatment sometime in their life. From children who’s teeth aren’t progressing as expected to adults who are finally sick of an imperfect smile. Orthodontists have many tools within their back of tricks to correct and improve smiles of all shapes and sizes, one of the most widely known being that of braces.

The issue with braces is, of course, the appearance. While very affective, braces have a unique appearance that many would prefer to avoid. Especially as adults turn to orthodontics to correct long-neglected teeth, many seek an alternative to braces simply due to the appearance factor. Luckily, for Springfield and St. Louis residents, there’s a readily available alternative.

Thanks to Moshiri Orthodontics, an expert team with over 25 years experience assisting local residents with their teeth, there’s an easy, effective and invisible braces alternative. Today, Moshiri announced their status as the Invisalign Premium Provider Springfield MO has eagerly sought.

The famed Invisalign® teeth-straightening system has been one of the most groundbreaking dental breakthroughs to hit the market in a generation. By using a clear, implant-grade polyurethane retainer designed by complex computer modelling, patients can have the same result as braces, without any visible appearance of braces. By making minor alterations to retainers every two weeks, minute movements of the teeth can be achieved and, over time, patients will end up with the smile of their dreams.

Moshiri Orthodontics is the leading provider of the Invisalign® system in both Springfield and St Louis, having recently been recognized as such by the creators of Invisalign. This year the team welcomed the pinnacle of Invisalign accreditation to their practices; becoming an Invisalign Premium Provider in Springfield MO. The ultimate recognition of the experience and expertise the team at Moshiri bring to bear for all clients utilizing the Invisalign® method of teeth straightening, this certification comes on top of over two decades of orthodontic service to the community. It’s therefore extremely comforting to know that those in both Springfield and St. Louis have recognized experts in the field of Invisalign available for consultation daily.

So for all those considering orthodontic treatment but concerned about the aesthetic of braces, never fear. Moshiri Orthodontics has both the experience and skill to offer their patients another solution. Finally, thousands can enjoy the best treatment via Invisalign Springfield MO has to offer, all thanks to the dedicated staff at Moshiri Orthodontics.

About Moshiri Orthodontics
Moshiri Orthodontics offer three practice locations spread throughout the Greater St. Louis area, including Springfield, St. Louis and St. Louis Lakes. Specializing in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics for both adults and children, Moshiri Orthodontics have also recently been granted the ultimate in Invisalign accreditations; that of a Premier Preferred provider. For all those seeking an alternative to braces, the Invisalign® system offers a great opportunity to correct the cosmetic appearance of teeth while avoiding the appearance of traditional wire and basket braces. For more information, visit http://www.smilestlouis.com