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Leading Supplier of RTA Kitchen Cabinets in Philadelphia Answers Myths About RTA Cabinets


Levitttown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2014 -- As with anything in life, there are many misconceptions about the advantages of installing RTA kitchen cabinets. The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, leading suppliers of kitchen cabinets in Philadelphia, Delaware and New Jersey, debunks some of the myths regarding RTA cabinets, hopefully answering some of the more important questions asked by those who are renovating their kitchen.

One of the many misconceptions of RTA kitchen cabinets is that they are made from cheaper materials. According to The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, this statement may have been true before the turn of the century; however, today’s top manufacturers construct RTA kitchen cabinets of plywood and solid wood.

Strength of RTA cabinets is also questioned, as many consumers believe they are not as strong as custom or pre-made cabinets. Since RTA cabinets are shipped disassembled, there is less chance of damage when being transported. They are proven to be stronger than cabinets that were built, shipped and dinged up during transportation. Also, the same crafting techniques are used when manufacturing RTA cabinets or built cabinets.

Affordability also plays a part when discussing RTA cabinets. The Solid Wood Cabinet Company offers ready to assemble kitchen cabinets at 50% less than custom-made or fully-assembled units. Homeowners who plan on re-designing their kitchen can save money, time and hassle by choosing The Solid Wood Cabinet Company for their kitchen cabinets.

The three myths listed above will bound to be questioned in the future, but with the help of leading kitchen cabinet supplies like The Solid Wood Cabinet Company, consumers can spread the success stories they’ve had with choosing RTA cabinets for their new kitchens. Customers interested in purchasing new kitchen cabinets in Delaware, Philadelphia, or New Jersey, can call The Solid Wood Cabinet Company at 855-644-WOOD.

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