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Leading Surgeon and Author Shares Holistic Approach to Enhancing Beauty


Princeton, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2015 -- Author and leading plastic surgeon, Adam Hamawy, takes a holistic approach to enhancing beauty. He says nutrition plays a big part in an anti-aging routine. He believes his role is to enhance his patients' inherent, natural beauty. He explains that prevention is the most effective and best method of working against extrinsic skin aging effects. The top prevention plan against the dangerous action of free radicals includes a well-regulated lifestyle (physical exercise for the body, body care and caloric restriction), with low stress conditions, as well as balanced nutritional diet, which includes foods that are rich in anti-oxidants.

Dr. Hamawy's anti-aging treatments may assist in correcting multiple cosmetic concerns, which include: mild to serious wrinkles; fine lines surrounding the mouth, nose and eyes; loss of volume within the neck, chin and face; and textural/tone abnormalities.

Dr. Hamawy is in the process of writing a book, but it's not yet complete. Interested parties are asked to please stay tuned for more details.

According to Dr. Hamawy, "Few surgeons are fortunate enough to have been exposed to this depth, breadth and sheer complexity of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. I attribute my highly developed surgical skills to my Army experience."

About Dr. Adam Hamawy
Dr. Adam Hamawy is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, specializing in both aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. Trained at UT Southwestern Medical and Weill Cornell School—two of the most well respected institutions for plastic surgery, Dr. Hamawy subsequently became a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army. A tour of duty in Iraq and several years in Tacoma, Washington at the Madigan Army Medical Center afforded him the opportunity to treat a wide variety of patients.

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