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Leading-Tech Laser Company Introduces the Single Frequency Laser


Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2013 -- Single frequency lasers could be widely used in the area such as Raman spectroscopy, supor-resolution STED nanoscopy, DNA sequencing, Interferometry, super-resolution STED nanaoscopy and Particle analysis. Leading-Tech Laser Company is a manufacturer and supplier of single longitudinal mode laser , narrow line width laser and low noise lasers.

Leading-Tech Laser Co. provides single frequency laser of which the main wavelength is 532nm, 1064nm. Their narrow linewidth lasers (also called as Raman lasers) come in various wavelengths, including 532nm, 658nm, 780nm, 785nm and 830nm, each having unique properties and associated uses.

The whole system features low optical noise, narrow spectrum line width, high power stability. The 532nm single longitudinal mode laser delivers the maximum output power around 100mW.1064nm single longitudinal mode version is also available upon request.

Every product in their catalogue comes replete with high quality imagery, a detailed product specification and corresponding testing report, drawings of the laser system, giving consumers all the information they need to choose the appropriate product for their purpose. There are also data sheets, testing reports, photos associated with most products which can be reviewed or downloaded where appropriate.

About Leading Tech Laser Co.
Leading-Tech Laser CO., LTD is the professional laser manufacturer of non-Gaussian line lasers, fiber coupled lasers, low noise lasers and other high quality optics. OEM services are available upon request. For more information, please visit: