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Leading-Tech Laser Company Leads the Way in Line Lasers


Shanghai, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2012 -- Lasers were once considered science fiction, but now form part of our everyday lives, especially for those working in industry. Whether used for measuring or cutting, lasers focus amplified light to a spatially and temporally coherent beam that can be of varying intensity both of power and size. Leading-Tech Laser Company is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of lasers, and have recently invested in superior quality lenses

Leading-Tech Laser Co. provides DPSS, Low Noise, Fibre Coupled, Raman and Line Laser technologies for industry. Their line lasers come in various wavelengths, including red, blue and green line laser outputs, each having unique properties and associated uses.

Every product in their catalogue comes replete with high quality imagery, a detailed product specification and details of wavelength, output power, fan angle, line uniformity, beam and operation modes, lifetime and an indication of the line width at one meter, giving consumers all the information they need to choose the appropriate product for their purpose. There are also data sheets, testing sheets, OEM services and features associated with most products which can be reviewed or downloaded where appropriate.

The sales team are dedicated to handling business in a 21st century manner and the company has an experienced R&D team of more than 10 years. The whole company keeps updating the product line and develop new products every year.

Leading-Tech Laser Co. have always sought to lead the market and have most recently invested in a new line of artisan laser products using special Powell lenses that create industry leading efficacy and precision in the laser output.

A spokesperson for Leading-Tech laser explained how these products can give superior results,

“Many line laser models on the market today use rod lenses, or cylindrical lenses as the line generator, which creates a laser beam with a hot-spot in the centre that fades toward the edges. Powell lenses are a handcrafted product where each lens is individually checked to maximise the homogeneity of the beam’s intensity. The apex curvature is modified and optimized for each particular laser beam, meaning greater accuracy and intensity and a non-Gaussian beam.”

About Leading Tech Laser Co.
Leading-Tech Laser CO., LTD is the professional laser manufacturer of non-Gaussian line lasers, fiber coupled lasers, wavelength stabilized Raman lasers and other high quality optics. OEM services are available upon request. For more information, please visit: http://www.leading-techlaser.com/